The 22nd annual meeting iMaSThe International Minimal Access Surgery Conference Dubai, is dedicated to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of adenomyosis. Established in 2010, this prestigious event offers a meticulously curated scientific program featuring live surgeries, lectures, and debates. Notably, iMaS Dubai introduces an online hands-on training session in hysteroscopic adenomyosis surgery led by Dr. Rudi Campo, providing attendees with invaluable practical skills. Moreover, young gynecologists have the opportunity to optimize their proficiency through educational courses and workshops offered by the ESGE ACADEMY. Complemented by a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the latest innovations in pharmaceutical and technology sectors, iMas2024 Dubai promises a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants.


The iMaS Dubai conference offers valuable educational outcomes, including:

  • Understanding hysteroscopy’s role in treating adenomyosis-related fertility issues.

  • Learning about radical treatment options for adenomyosis and their impact.

  • Awareness of fertility-preserving therapies for endometrial carcinoma.

  • Updates on preventing cervical carcinoma using recent data.

  • Practical skills gained from live surgeries for adenomyosis.

  • Knowledge of intrauterine morcellator use for various gynecological conditions.

  • Understanding tracheoplasty for cervical adenomyosis and niche formation.

  • Learning about the retroperitoneal approach in challenging gynecological surgeries.

  • These outcomes aim to enhance clinical practice and patient care in gynecological surgery and reproductive medicine.